Kevin Durant injured knee


On February 28th the warriors were playing against the wizards and during that game messed up his knee. it all happened when Zaza Pachulia fell back hard on kd leg then kd immediately fell down. Kevin Durant has ben in practice but he has too stay off his foot. they say he has been shooting from the free throw line in chair. During one of his press he said”Got to keep this jumper right,”

They dont know when kevin Durant is coming back but steve kerr and the warriors are hoping he will be back for the playoffs. I think he shouldnt rush to come back because if he tries rush and com back he might get hurt again and it might be worse the next time. I see why they would want him to come back tho because he plays a big roll on there team hes a key to the team.



Demarcus Cousins former player of the kings is now on the pelicans. it looks like cousins during the all star weekend during one of his press confrence. the reason i say that is because during the confrence his manager wispered something in his ear and cousins reaction to that was “wow ok”. then after that press confrence they annouced his trade.cousins and anthony davis make a good front court.


i think that cousin getting traded was good for him because when he was on the kings he put in a lot of work on the court but his teammates didn’t give it there all. thats why a lot of times i felt like that was reason why he was upset after losing good games and plus it was clear to see that because he averages a double double.


i am officially convinced that the NBA is rigged. I don’t understand how the leading scorer russell Westbrook is on the bench for the all star game. The crazy thing about it is everyone they put over him he gave them ┬ábuckets with a double double or triple double. Carmelo Anthony didn’t make the all star game either. i know his team isn’t doing to good but Carmelo still tries his best to bring the W home.


i feel like the NBA is rigged because Russell Westbrook lost his starting spot to Stephen Curry. I feel like curry doesn’t deserve it because Westbrook is averaging a triple-double and he is a way better point guard then Curry. I also feel like if you take away the 3 point line from Curry he cant do anything else but Westbrook on the other hand if you take away the 3 point line from he is going to dunk on you and anybody trying to stop him.














































kyle korver to the cavs

Last week the cavs traded mo williams and mike dunleavy for kyle kover. to me this not a good trade for the cavs because they have enough 3 point shooters they need a solid point guard to come in right after kyrie and to take kyries spot when he is out.




kyle kover.jpg


Last Friday the Hornets played against the Raptors and lost 113 to 115. Kemba walker put up 40 points 10 rebounds and 6 assist. Yet Kemba Walker is not considered one of the top 5 best pg in the league. Kemba Walker is averaging more than kyrie irving right now but yet he is givin respect for it they just put him in the bottom with the other guards and they would never thin of putting him in the all star game thats why i dont respect the NBA and i feel like the NBA is rigged.



2016 election

At 3:00 this morning we found out that Donald Trump won the presidency. A lot of people were upset because they feel like he does not have good intentions as a president. a lot of his ideas were very cruel. One of his ideas were to get rid of all immigrants in the U.S. I dont agree with that because i feel like most immigrants come here to get a better life for them and their family so to me most of them are not harmful. Hillary Clinton would not be good either but people would rather deal with her than Trump. Some say Trump might turn out a good president but we will just have to wait and see._89592907_composite.jpg


AAU basketball is is a organization that allows kids go all over the U.S. and play in tournaments and play against other teams form all over. You can also pick up offers from colleges and better high schools. brands like adidas, nike , under armour sponsor teams with new uniform, new sneakers and bags and puts them in tournaments. Last winter adidas sponsored my team (Wizkids) and sent us to Atlanta and Texas and we did pretty well.Adidas-Uprising-9th-and-10th.JPG


As you can see this is a prediction of how my life will be in 10 years. My future evolves around basketball. Im gonna make sure that Lehman has a basketball championship.Im gonna go to best division 1 basketball school and were gonna win the championship.Im gonna get drafted to the clippers 1st round.Ill make sure that reward myself with the best luxury.Im going to have more rings than kobe and Jordan.jelani.jpg



My NBA collage represents all the teams and all the good players they have. Each state has there own team to represent them but some people don’t like the teams that represent them because of the way they play. The NBA has a lot of star players that are very good at what they do





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